Global Leadership Network on Higher Music Education was Solemnly Opened with the Presence of Wang Ning, Vice Mayor of Beijing Update Oct 30 2017

Teachers’ Day comes on September 10th every year. The Global Leadership Network on Higher Music Education hosted by  China Conservatory of Music raised its curtain in the grand ball room of Beijing  Intercontinental Hotel in Beijing on September 10, 2017. This gathering surely is an unprecedented communication activity among music institutions worldwide. WANG Ning, vice mayor of Beijing, CHEN Ping, director of National Centre for the Performing Arts, LIU Yuhui, director of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, LEI Chaozi, director of Science and Technology Division of Ministry of Education, MING Wenjun, vice director of Art Division of Ministry of Culture, ZHAO Yihong, vice inspector of Ministry of Culture, YE Xiaogang, the chairman of Chinese Musicians’ Association and honored guests in domestic music circle and education circle attended the opening ceremony. Other attendees of this grand opening ceremony include thirty presidents of world-class conservatories and eight heads of musicological societies from the U.S, U.K, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Australia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Slovenia, Thailand, Korea; eight presidents of Conservatories of China, former presidents and officials of China Conservatory of Music, distinguished professors, middle-level cadres, teacher representatives and student representatives from China Conservatory of Music. The opening ceremony was presided over by Li Xiujun, director of International Exchange Division of China Conservatory of Music.


WANG Ning, Vice Mayor of Beijing with forty principals of conservatories from home and abroad light up the terrestrial globe. Subsequently, the school badges on the map of the world on the rostrum were lit up. This symbolizes the vision of communicating with global music education institutions and building a better music education for the future. 

In the next three days, the Global Leadership Network on Higher Music Education will carry out rich contents such as academic forum,  open class and concerts, and so on. Presidents of world-class conservatories will conduct detailed discussion on topics of the contribution of music schools to civilization, the development trend of globalization of music education and music is an ambassador for world peace. China Conservatory of Music will initiate the Global Music Education League.

Sourced from: Advanced Innovation Center for Future Education

Written by: Wu Zhe

Photographed by: Tang Rui, Xu Yang, Yu Tongyao, Bao Boming, Hua Zhenyong, Yang Yingying and Zhang Tiexin

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