Zhang Yajun
Secretary of the Party Committee

ZHANG Yajun (female, born in October 1965, Han nationality, native in Changchun City, Jilin Province, a member of Communist Party of China, graduated from Tianjin University by majoring in environmental engineering) is a professor, and a doctor of engineering. She served in teaching and scientific research in Beijing Architectural Engineering College since March 1990. She served as vice director of Urban Construction and Engineering Department, secretary of general Party branch, director of Organization Department of the Party Committee, head of graduate student office, office director of discipline construction, and director of degree office of Beijing Architectural Engineering College from June 1995 to August 2006; served as deputy secretary of the Party committee and secretary of discipline inspection commission Beijing Architectural Engineering College, and deputy secretary of the Party committee of Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture since September 2006; served as secretary of the Party committee of Beijing Polytechnic since August 2014; and served as secretary of the party committee of China Conservatory of Music since August 2017, fully responsible for work of Party committee.

In addition, Dr. Zhang is a senior visiting scholar of Tokyo Metropolitan University, once served in teaching and scientific research in field of environmental engineering, based on urban water saving and emission reduction, led multiple colleges and universities and scientific research institutions to form a research team, and undertook major national projects, she bore more than 20 projects such as “research and demonstration project of key technology of urban water conservation” (2009ZX07317-005), “low-impacting developing urban rainwater system research and demonstration” (2010ZX07320) of national special major item of water, “corrosion mechanism and water quality adjusting and control principle of reuse water network based on tube wall-biological membrane-water interface interaction” (51278026), etc., published more than 100 theses on domestic and abroad important academic publications, applied for more than 20 patents for invention and software copyrights, led to compile 6 national and local standards, made active contributions to constructing “sponge city”, effectively saving and using water resource and protecting urban ecological environment. Dr. Zhang has cultivated 30 master degree candidates.

Moreover, Dr. Zhang is a member of Advisory Board for Discipline of Science and Engineering in College and Universities, a member of Evaluation Board for Discipline of Science and Engineering in College and Universities, and an assessment expert of national water-saving city.

Award-winning works:

  • First prize of Higher Education Teaching Achievement Award of Beijing City in 2012.
  • First prize of Huaxia Construction Technology Progress Award of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in 2015.

Teaching and Scientific Research Contribution Award of Annual Figures in China’s Water Industry in 2014.

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