Open Class Teaching Practice of the China Conservatory of Music & The 1st International Composition Technique Exchange is in this March! Update Mar 22 2018

The China Conservatory of Music will hold the “Open Class Teaching Practice of the China Conservatory of Music and The 1st International Composition Technique Exchange” from March 17 to March 21, 2018. As an important part of the curriculum reform of the composition technical theory course at the China Conservatory of Music, this series of events is held to sort out and solve important composing theoretical issues.

At that time, outstanding experts and scholars from China, the United States, Germany, Austria, Finland, Israel, and Australia will carry out in-depth discussion about the teaching of composition technical theories in the 21st century, the inheritance and development of composition technical theories, and the application of composition technical theories in different music cultures, etc. The results of the activities will play an important role in promoting the establishment of the theoretical system of composing technologies in China.

1. Contents of the Activities

(I) Open Class Teaching Practice

At the open classes of teaching practice, experts from various countries will use a flexible and diversified approach to specifically and vividly demonstrate theoretical concepts in teaching methods, writing music thesis, and creating creative classroom atmosphere.

(II) Presentation of Special Topics

Special topics will be discussed by experts from all over the world on topics most concerned about in the international academic arena, sharing cutting-edge research on academic theories such as teaching and analysis of rhythm theory, research methods for composer manuscripts, and theoretical teaching and curriculum development of composing techniques in the 21st century. Meanwhile, constructive opinions and viewpoints will be proposed regarding the problems and challenges faced by the curriculum reform of composing technique theories in China, providing theoretical support for curriculum reform.

(III) “Theories from the East, Music from the West” Concert

The concert will feature representative works by SANG Tong, TAN Xiaolin, LUO Zhongyu, LI Yinghai, Chipper, Schlos, and Shalomoff to demonstrate the inheritance and development of the theory of composing music and reflect the exchange and integration of theories and culture.

(IV) National Music Concert

This concert consists of two parts, the folk music classics and the contemporary folk music chamber music created by young teachers of the China Conservatory of Music.

2. Time and Place of the Activities

Time: March 17 – 21, 2018 (registration time: March 16, 2018)

Place: Beijing – China Conservatory of Music

3. Organizer and Undertaker

Organizer: China Conservatory of Music

Undertakers: China Music School High-precision Innovation Center, Composition Department of China Conservatory of Music

4. Refer to the attachment for details about conference schedule and content arrangements.

Attachment 1: Open class teaching practice at China Conservatory of Music and The 1st International Composition Technique Exchange


Sharing Ideas in Music Theory-Schedule

Attachment 2:

List of Invited Foreign Experts for Open Classes and Presentation of Special Topics

  • Ulrich Krämer, editor-in-chief of the complete Schoenberg Collection, Professor of Music at Berlin Arts University
  • Gretchen Horlacher, Associate Dean and Professor of the School of Music, Indiana University, 20th Century Music Theory Expert
  • Poundie Burstein, Professor of Hunter College, City University of New York, former chairman of American Music Theory Association
  • Lauri Suurpää, Professor of Art University of Helsinki, Finland, Editor of the Sibelius Complete Works, Schenk Analysis Expert
  • Severine Neff, Distinguished Professor at the University of North Carolina, former editor-in-chief of Music Theory Spectrum and Theory and Practice, Schoenberg Music Research Expert, and New Grove Dictionary of Music
  • Maureen Carr, Distinguished Professor at the Conservatory of Music, Pennsylvania State University, Former Dean of the School of Music at the University of Pennsylvania, Expert in Russian Music Theory and Stravinsky Research
  • Gerold Gruber: Professor at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, Professor of Center for Music Analysis, Theory and History Studies, Director of the Center for Exiled Jewish Studies, Austrian music theory research and analysis expert
  • David Bernstein, Professor at Mills College, USA, Editor-in-Chief of Music Theory Spectrum, Former Dean of Mills College, 20th Century Music Theory Expert
  • Irit Youngerman, Professor at Israel Haifa University, Israel National Folk Music Theory Research Expert
  • Lynne Rogers, Professor at the Mannes School of Music in the United States, former Chairman of the American Music Theory Association, and expert of composing theory
  • Marianne Kielian-Gilbert, Professor at the School of Music, Indiana University, editor of the Journal of New Music Perspectives, 20th Century Music Theory Researcher
  • Lewis Cornwell, Associate Dean at Sydney Conservatory of Music (2004-2006), 20th Century Asian Music Research Expert
  • Catherine Losada, Professor of Music at Cincinnati College of Music, Specialist in Sequence Music and Set Theory
  • Elizabeth W. Marvin, Head of Department of Music Theory, Eastman Conservatory of Music, former President of the American Music Theory Association
  • Ildar Khannanov, Professor at the Peabody School of Music in the United States, Expert of Russian Music Theory
  • Yoram Youngerman, Chairman of the Selex Music Publishing Association, famous violinist in the Amernet String Quartet


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